Welcome to the MAKS 2013!

President of the Russian Federation
Vladimir Putin

Director General of the Russian Technologies State Corporation
Sergey Chemezov

"This event was launched in 1993, and has since become a major international platform, where producers can display their achievements of the last two years while aficionados of air and space technology can acquaint themselves with the achievements of the international aviation and space industries.

In developing the Russian aviation and space industries, we fully understand that our achievements in this sphere do not merely reflect the prestige of our country, important though this is. They also ensure our defence capabilities and our national security, and create the conditions necessary for the country’s modern economic growth and technological advancement.

The government will continue to support our aerospace complex, which is an absolute strategic priority for us. From 2009 to 2011 the government allocated more than 270 billion roubles towards programmes in the aviation and space industries. Our country has become fourth in the world in annual expenditures on space exploration.

We’ll focus foremost on the technical modernisation and re-equipment of production lines and research institutions. We will enhance their efficiency and competitiveness and will help our companies enter global markets. We are certainly open to close cooperation with our partners, and indeed, this cooperation is developing quite successfully. We are prepared to form alliances and establish joint ventures with leading world producers.

And of course, for our development goals, we require a powerful intellectual and technological centre. As you know, here in Zhukovsky, we have decided to set up a centre for the national aircraft industry, which will include leading research institutions, design bureaus and experimental plants. This centre will form the basis of the innovative core of the domestic aircraft industry. We hope for it to become a world-class research and production cluster containing the necessary educational, social and transportation infrastructure".

"One of the core  features of MAKS which distinguishes it from other international fairs is that it has an extensive business agenda  - academic conferences, forums, workshops and roundtables referring to the major areas of aeronautical and space sciences and engineering, involving participation of the leading Russian and foreign scientists, designers and engineers.

For our corporation, MAKS is a cornerstone laid in the foundations of all future aviation and other exhibitions which take place in Zhukovsky. Much has been done to enhance comfort and attractiveness of the salon.

MASK is included in the club of select aviation salons of the world. This is so, taking into consideration the number of participants, the quality of the exhibited equipment, the level of scholarly disputes and an unprecedented flight program… However, as for administrative and engineering support we would do well to learn from our competing partners, such as Le Bourget, Farnborough, ILA.    

As an event the salon is exactly divided into two equal time-periods: the first three days are meant for business, the second three days – for leisure and entertainment. The area is divided according to the same principle: for business negotiations and, that is to say, for the visitors who come here for educational purposes only.  And finally – a highlight of any air show – the flight program is also divided into two parts; on workdays it is drastically curtailed, so not to draw away experts from their work, and on weekend it is significantly extended to satisfy to the maximum extent the requirements of all aviation lovers who have been waiting for this show for two years.   

MAKS has almost approached the point where it can be called without any reservations as a European, word-class aviation and space salon. I am confident that the forthcoming MAKS will continue those positive endeavors which have been already successfully accomplished. Transport and exhibition complex in Zhukovsky becomes more and more multifunctional, not only MAKS, but also some other exhibitions took place here which topics are close to defense industry complex and civil machinery manufacturing. We would be happy to heartily welcome all professionals and aviation lovers at the very MAKS-salon".

Aviasalon JSC defined as the sole official facilitator of the MAKS-2019

December 17, 2018

MAKS-2019 to be held in Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, from August 27 to September 1, 2019...