Greetings to guests and participants

On behalf of the personnel of the State Space Corporation ROSCOSMOS and of the enterprises of Russian space-rocket industry I welcome the organisers, participants and guests of MAKS-2017!

This year the mankind celebrates the 60th anniversary of the space age beginning. It was our country who for the first time in the history of civilization had launched the Earth's first artificial satellite on October, 4 1957. Domestic engineers, scientists, designers overcame terrestrial gravitation and proved that humanity is capable of a lot of things.

Years and decades have passed, and now automatic space stations explore distant space, and people, cosmonauts and astronauts, are not just working outside our planet, they are conducting critical experiments onboard the permanent International Space Station. Today the mankind has come close to the next step – we are ready to explore the Moon and Mars.

MAKS is the largest exhibition where the leading world corporations demonstrate their most recent achievements. The exposition of enterprises of the State Corporation “ROSCOSMOS” at the International Aviation and Space salon MAKS-2017 shows the latest achievements of the Russian rocket and space industry – models of rockets-carriers and spacecraft, remote sensing satellites, the layout of our most advanced spaceport Vostochnyi (Eastern) and many other things.

The International Aviation and Space Salon is also an authoritative discussion platform for the international level leading experts and recognized authorities in the field of space activities. Here we find new partners and exchange experience, conclude serious contracts and, of course, discuss ways of development of mankind in space. The space already brings benefits to people here on Earth by developing other sectors of the economy of Russia and the world. Our goal is to make the impact of space activities even more significant.

I sincerely wish the participants and guests of the International Aviation and Space Salon success, bright impressions and achieving of the planned results!

CEO of the State Space Corporation

Igor Komarov

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