Time Frame

When is the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 held?

MAKS-2017 Salon is held from July 18 through July 23, 2017.

  • July 18 – The official opening day.
  • July 18-20 – Business days.
  • July 21-23 – Days for general public.

What are the opening and closing hours of the Salon?

The Salon will be open from 10-00 a.m. to 6-00 p.m. every day.

Can I visit the Salon with children on Business days?

Visiting the Salon with children on Business days July 18-20 is not recommended.

Who is entitled to visit the Salon free of charge?

Persons invited by the organizers.
Children under 14 accompanied by adults (except on the Business days).


Where can I buy a ticket to the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017?

Tickets are sold only through authorized sales outlets and on the website through the official ticket agent of the Salon. You will also be able to purchase tickets at the Salon’s venue on the day of your visit. Beware of ticket resellers and counterfeit tickets sold at the underground stations, on railway stations and other non-authorized areas. Pre-sale tickets are cheaper than tickets on the visiting day.

Will I be able buy separate tickets for July 21, 22 and 23?

Yes, you will. Detailed information is in the section "Order tickets".

Is there a ticket to enter the Salon venue on Saturday and Sunday?

There is no such ticket.

Is there a reduced price ticket to enter the Salon venue, and who is entitled to such ticket?

There is such ticket: “entrance ticket – reduced price.” It is a single entrance ticket for July 21, 22 and 23, 2017. The “entrance ticket – reduced price” can be bought only at the Salon venue on the visiting day.

Categories of people eligible for buying reduced price tickets to the Salon:

  • Veterans and participants in the Great Patriotic War.
  • Persons with category I and II disabilities.
  • Heroes of the Soviet Union and Heroes of Russia.
  • Veterans or a participants of the Afghan, Chechen or Syria war.
  • Families of many children.

To buy a reduced price ticket, the purchaser shall present an original document confirming the entitlement for such ticket:


  • Veteran's certificate or certificate of the participant in the Great Patriotic War.
  • Certificate of disability.
  • Certificate for the title of Hero of the Soviet Union or Hero of Russia.
  • Certificate of the veteran of the Afghan war, certificate of the veteran or participant in the Chechen Wars.
  • Certificate of family of many children.

One purchaser is eligible for buying no more than 2(two) reduced price tickets.

Can I book or buy a ticket for a particular day?

Yes, you can, but only for July 21, 22 and 23, 2017. We also offer entrance tickets for specialists for one-time entrance to the Salon from July 18 through July 23. Detailed information is in the section "Order tickets".

Are group visits to the event available? Are there any discounts for groups?

Group visits are available, but there is no single ticket for groups. To enter the Salon venue, each member of the group shall have a personal ticket. Discounts are unavailable. Check MAKS-2017 and the official ticket agent’s websites for promo offers.

Will the price change closer to the date of the Salon?

Yes, it will. Detailed information is in the section "Order tickets".

PRIORITY tickets – when will they be on sale? What does the ticket include?

PRIORITY tickets that can be bought only on pre-sale include: entrance to the venue, viewing the display and static expositions, a greeting souvenir, free soft drinks, rest in a chalet and viewing the flight program on the stand.

Do I have to buy an additional entrance ticket in addition to the airfield vehicle pass?

Buying an entrance ticket is obligatory as paid airfield vehicle pass does not include visiting the Salon. To pass through the checkpoint and enter the Salon venue, you need to show your entrance ticket.

Is entrance ticket from July 18 through July 23 for viewing the Salon only?

The ticket includes entering the Salon venue, viewing the display and static expositions and attending business events without special accreditation.

Are there any discounts for group orders?

No, there are no such discounts.

Does the entrance ticket give the right to multiple pass through the checkpoint?

No, it doesn’t. The entrance ticket can be used one time only.

What is the media platform?

Media platform is a conveniently located specialized platform (the side of the runway opposite to spectators) for photo and video shooting; it is a steady two-floor, 4 meter high structure. The second floor of the media platform is designed as an observation platform with an open view, which allows recording flights “with the sun.” Next to the media platform, there is a tent (10-15 sq. m.) with tables offering refreshing drinks, coffee, tea and snacks (cookies, croissants).

Do I have to buy an additional entrance ticket if I have bought the media platform entrance ticket?

No, you don’t have to buy an entrance ticket as the price for the media platform entrance ticket includes: entrance to the Salon venue; transporting visitors from the Directorate to the shooting location and back; using the bar with refreshing drinks and snacks; compulsory insurance against accidents.

Are children allowed to the media platform?

No, children are not allowed to the media platform.

Will I be able to take pictures at the Salon if I buy an entrance ticket (without authorization for photo and video shooting from the media platform)?

You will be entitled to photo and video shooting throughout the Salon venue except for the media platform.


Will traffic in Zhukovsky be blocked on the Salon days?

Transit through the city will be closed from July 18 to 23 but local residents, workers and suppliers of the city will be able to drive through the city with a special pass to be obtained from the Zhukovsky city administration.

Will a park-and-ride facility be provided?

Yes, it will. A free parking space for visitors arriving by own cars and buses will be arranged in Bykovo. It will be open on the days for general public only (Friday-Sunday). Free service buses will transport visitors from the parking space to the MAKS venue (transfer duration: 30-40 min).

Will vehicle parking spaces be available at the Salon venue?

Yes, it will be available for paid vehicle pass holders. Parking spaces requiring a paid pass will be provided for cars and minibuses only. Paid vehicle pass to the parking space is issue for one day only, so you can enter and leave the Salon venue on this day only.

Where can I buy a parking space pass?

Parking space passes will be sold through authorized sales outlets and on the website through the official ticket agent. A pass paid on the website can be obtained in sales outlets or by delivery service. More detailed information will be published on the website after April 1, 2017.

What are the opening and closing hours of the parking space at the Salon venue?

The Salon parking space will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Does the driver need a ticket when inside the parking space?

No, if the driver never leaves the parking space. If the driver wishes to visit the Salon, buying an entrance ticket is obligatory.

Can I park a car at the parking space with a bus pass in case there are no more car passes left?

No, you can’t.

A GAZelle vehicle has a seating capacity of 13 persons. What kind of pass should the customer buy – a car pass or a bus pass?

According to the State Inspection for Road Traffic Safety (GIBDD) rules, microbus is a vehicle weighing less than 3 tons, a car. So, you need a standard car pass.

How many vehicle passes to the parking space will be necessary if a bus or a car will bring people to the parking space several times?

Paid pass is for one particular day only. You can enter and leave the airfield ground on this day only.

What documents are required to obtain a vehicle pass?


Will a holder of vehicle parking ticket be allowed to park a motorcycle at the parking space?

No, parking is for cars only.

Will there be only one parking space?

There will be several parking spaces. Parking tickets will be available for purchase at different prices only for P7, P2, P3 parking spaces (for cars and minibuses) and P4 (for buses).

What is the distance between the parking space and checkpoints?

About 500 m between P7 and the parking space; shuttle buses will run to checkpoint 1.

About 50 m between P3 and checkpoint 3.

About 10 m between P2 and checkpoint 2.

Where will passes be checked?

At the entrance to Zhukovsky

At the entrance to Ramenskoye airfield

At the entrance to the respective parking.

Flight program

Will flight program be different on business days and days for general public?

The common flight program will be offered on public days, while on days for specialists the flight program will be limited.

When does the flight demonstration start and finish?

Generally, the flight demonstration is from 3.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m. on Business days, and from 11.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. on public days.

Where will the flight schedule be available?

The exact flight program will be finalized before the display day and will be published on MAKS-2017 official website and in the official social networks.

Can I board an aircraft?

Some aircraft models at the static display area will be open to the public. Information on this opportunity will be published on MAKS-2017 official website after June 15..

Will the air show be held in bad or extreme weather conditions and how will weather conditions affect the flight program?

The Salon will be held in any weather conditions. The flight program will be held even if it rains. However, organizers reserve the right to cancel any part of the program if weather conditions pose any threat to safety of air show participants and spectators.

Visiting conditions

Where can I stay during the Salon?

You can stay in hotels of all categories in Zhukovsky, Ramenskoye and Moscow. Hotel accommodation can be booked from the official MAKS-2017 tour operator EXCELLENCE, JSC on the "Book hotel" page.

Как я могу добраться до места проведения Салона?

What food will I be offered when visiting the Salon?

A variety of food vendors offering refreshing drinks and ice cream, fast food, cafes, restaurants and business class restaurants will be open at the Salon venue.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

Yes, you can, as long as it is not in glass containers.

Will seating places be available?

For Priority ticket holders only.

Can I bring my own folding chairs?

Yes, you can.

Can I take my dog to the Salon venue?

No, you can’t. Only service dogs and guide dogs will be allowed at the venue.

Will I be allowed to take photos at the Salon venue?

Yes, you will be allowed to take photos and make video recordings throughout the Salon venue.

Can I smoke at the Salon venue?

Yes, smoking is allowed in designated areas.

What should I do if I feel unwell or get injured during the Salon?

An aid station established to provide necessary medical aid will be open at the Salon venue.

Где можно ознакомиться со списком экспонентов?

Will the Salon venue offer any facilities for young children?

A special children’s entertainment venue will be available, but organizers do not recommend taking children under the age of 6 to the Salon.

What should I do if I suddenly lose my child at the Salon venue?

In this case you should go to the information desk or radio station at the Salon press office for help in making an announcement through public address system.

Will lockers be available at the Salon venue?

Yes, they will. They are intended for leaving items prohibited at the Salon venue.

Are there any age restrictions?

Organizers do not recommend taking children under the age of 6 to the Salon.

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