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"Al Fursan"
aerobatic team of the United Arab Emirates

The national aerobatic team of the United Arab Emirates Fursan Al Ematar (Al Fursan) was founded under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan in 2008. The aerobatic team's name is translated as "knights" and reflects its aim for high achievements. The team flieson seven aircrafts Aermacchi MB-339. The number of the aircrafts is equal to the number of the Emirates comprising the UAE.

The color palette of the aircrafts – black-and-gold – is not a random choice: it symbolizes sand and oil. Thus, Fursan Al Ematar is the world's only aerobatic team that bears colors of its country's flag. The team pilots are selected from the best pilots of the UAE Air Force.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Nazir Al Abdali, Colonel — team commander Abdulla Al Daheri, Captain – first left wingman Hamad Al Sheryani, Major – first right wingman Salem Al Kaabi, Captain – second left wingman Haitham Al Naqbi, Major – second right wingman Ahmed Al Minhali, Major – tail wingman Sultan Al Kendi, Major – soloist

The Russian Knights
Aerobatic Team

The teamwas formed on April 5, 1991 on the base of No. 1 Squadron of the 237th Proskurov Guards Aircraft Demonstration Centre rewarded with the Red Banner, Kutuzov and Alexander Nevskiy Orders named after Air Force Marshal Ivan Kozhedub.

The Russian Knights is the only aerobatic team in the world that performs group maneuvers with heavy fighters.

Today, the team flies Su-30SMs, two-set multi-purpose 4++ generation fighters.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Andrey Alekseyev, Guards Colonel Sergey Shcheglov, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Aleksandr Bogdan, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Oleg Yerofeyev, Guards Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Kochetov, Guards Captain

The Swifts
Aerobatic Team

The Swifts is an aerobatic team of the Russian Air Force. It is No. 2 Aviation Squadron of the Aircraft Demonstration Centre based in Kubinka Air Base.

The pilots perform solo and group maneuvers flying multipurpose MiG-29 fighters.

A distinctive feature of the team’s demonstrations is a great number of maneuvers. Their programme includes such elements as the Wing, the Cross, the Arrow, the Star, the Hammer and the Pyramid.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Sergey Osyaykin, Leutenant Colonel, team leader Dmitriy Zubkov, Major, left wingman Dmitriy Ryzhevolov, Major, right wingman Denis Kuznetsov, Major, tail wingman Vasily Dudnikov, Major, left back wingman Sergey Sinkevich, Major, right back wingman

The Falcons of Russia
Aerobatic Team

The aerobatic team was formed in 1993 on the base of Lipetsk Aviation Center of the Russian Air Force to improve group jet flight skills and to demonstrate the maneuverability of the Su-27 and the pilots’ professionalism.

Demonstration flights of the Falcons of Russia are more than just a breathtakingshow,they are a part of combat training. Every maneuver has a practical meaning and can be applied to break up enemy attacks, to escort and cover up transportation and long-range planes orto attack ground targets.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Aleksandr Gostev, Colonel Yuriy Spryadishev, Lieutenant Colonel Andrey Sorokin, Lieutenant Colonel Dmitriy Zayev, Lieutenant Colonel Denis Polovko, Major

The Russ
Aerobatic Team

Formed in 1987 in the base of Vyazma Air Training Center, the Russ is the oldest Russian aerobatic team.

The group performs with L-39 training aircraft.

The zestof the Russ’ demonstrations is a coloured smoke generation system that reveals the well-known maneuvers in a new light. Pilots literally paint the sky in the colours of the Russian flag, while the golden trail behind a solo pilot’s plane performing an extremely complicated series of barrel-rolls gives viewers a sunny mood.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Anatoliy Marunko, team leader Nikolay Zherebtsov, wingman Mikhail Kolle, wingman Nikolay Alekseyev, wingman Yuriy Lukinchuk, wingman Stanislav Dryomov, solo pilot Igor Dushechkin, solo pilot

The Baltic Bees
Jet Team

The Baltic Bees is the first and only civilian aerobatic team in the Baltic States. It was formed in 2008.

The team performs with six L-39C Albatross aircraft painted in the “bee” colours and style. The hallmarks of the Baltic Bees are the art of formation flying at a minimum distance, the accuracy of aerobatic maneuvers, dynamics and safety. Multiple rearrangements, divisions into several groups to demonstrate a diversity of maneuvers as well as smooth and nimble performing will give the spectators unforgettable impressions.

Team members (to perform at MAKS-2017): Artyom Solodukha, team leader Igor Yudkin, wingman Anatoliy Perekrestov, wingman Aleksandr Zarinysh, wingman Valeriy Sobolev, wingman, solo pilot Alessandro Scorrano, wingman

The First Flight
Aerobatic Team

The First Flight is the first Russian aerobatic team that flies piston airplanes. The team consists of sport pilots who are prize-winners of all-Russia and world aerobatics championships.

The First Flight performs complex sports and artistic maneuvers in the sky with six Yak-52 and Yak-54 aircraft painted yellow and red.

Their performance area does not exceed 1 square mile. A quite low speed and a small turning radius allowviewers to watch all the finest details of the nimble airplanes performing spectacular maneuvers at a minimum distance synchronously.

Aerobatic Team

The CHELAVIA TEAM was formed in 2015 on the base of Moscow branch of aviation pilot training centre ChelAvia.

The team flies light single-engine aircraft, the SIERRA P2002, a model by TECHNAM of Italy.

Due to a relatively low speed and excellent controllability of the P2002 Sierraairplanes, pilots manage to demonstrate the grandeur and elegance of the flight within a limited aerial zone holding viewers’ attention to the final chord.

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