Access rules

Control of access to the Exhibition Complex

The territory can be accessed through checkpoints indicated on the Exhibition layout drawing. Identity of the badge holders and searching of visitors and their hand-held luggage is conducted at checkpoints. Badge holders must have passports or other identification documents on them.

Vehicles can access the territory through the checkpoints of the Ramenskoye airfield indicated on the vehicle passes. Verification of vehicle passes and check of vehicles entering the site is conducted at checkpoints.

Drivers and passengers of vehicles entering the site of the Ramenskoye airfield do not have to have personal badges or tickets. In this case, they purchase tickets through the ticket offices of the Exhibition Complex located outside the checkpoints.

Drivers and passengers of vehicles violating public order or the rules of access and parking will be withdrawn from the territory of the Complex and their vehicle access pass will be cancelled without compensation of the admission fee.

Accessing the site during installation/dismantling stages

Access to the site during the assembly/disassembly stage will be granted to the holders of passes of relevant categories or to the holders of single visit passes delivering/moving out equipment.

All goods imported to the territory of the Russian Federation should undergo customs clearance. Customs clearance of goods is conducted by the official customs service providers of Aviasalon JSC – EXPO-M LTD and EXPOWESTRANS LLC.

Single visit passes are issued by logistics operator company EXPO-M LTD.

Entry/exit rules

Vehicles loading/unloading goods can access the grounds of the TEC Russia during the installation/dismantling stages in accordance with Hours of work within the Exhibition Center (Terms and Conditions of Participation in Exhibitions).

Cargo vehicles may stay in the territory of TEC Russia for 4 hours at the most. A security officer checks arrival time of entering vehicles. When vehicles exit the territory, the departure time is also verified by a security office. If a Participant exceeds the maximum time of stay, the next time he/she is issued a vehicle pass, he/she might be subject to restrictions. Logistics Service shall be in charge of enforcement of the rules governing the stay of cargo transport in the Exhibition Complex.

Only vehicles with the status “move-out is permitted” may exit the site.

Cargo vehicles traffic plan


The procedure for bringing in /transportation to/ carrying to equipment, materials and other goods

All equipment, materials and other goods crossing checkpoints of the Ramenskoye airfield are subject to search for prohibited items.

The dimensions of carry-on baggage allowed to the territory of Ramenskoye airfield should not exceed 60 cm x 40 cm x 30 cm. Equipment with the dimensions exceeding the standard should be documented and carried to the site by a vehicle.


The following items can be carried to / brought to the territory of the Ramenskoye airfield:

  • consumables and promotional materials;
  • personal office equipment, including cell phones, laptops, etc.;
  • photo and video equipment;
  • foodstuff (excluding hard liquor);
  • personal items;
  • medications and related items (provided there is a document (certificate) issued by a health care institution confirming the need for such medications).


The following items are prohibited from being carried to / brought to the territory of the Ramenskoye airfield:

  • firearms and cold weapons, piercing and cutting items;
  • flammable and explosive substances;
  • chemical and toxic substances;
  • disabling items;
  • hard liquor, soft drinks in glass containers;
  • banned products, illegal drugs, etc;
  • animals;
  • bicycles.

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