MAKS Speed Festival

August 1, 2017

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Zhukovsky, a town in the suburbs of Moscow, hold the second Speed Festival as part of International Aviation and Space Show MAKS.

Being exciting and multifaceted the show combined completely different disciplines where famous drivers were performing show runs and competing with planes while the audience could enjoy experiencing taxi rides.

Each show turned out to be so exciting that people tried to find better seats in order to get the best view. Everyone fell in love with the Checkpoint 3 field where Russian Drift Series drivers were performing incredibly close pair and triple drift under the stormy ovation.

The area was filled with smoke and noise – in just three days RDS drivers destroyed more than 100 tires.

"I was shocked by the amount of people, and was really pleased that the audience got surprised by the car action in this air show, especially Drift," said one of the Drift show drivers Anton. "It's a shame we have such event only once every two years!"

Gallery: The drift show at the Speed Festival as part of International Aviation and Space Show MAKS

One of the most memorable feature of the Festival was the demonstration performance of RDS drifters around the Ansat helicopter, provided by the long-standing partner of the Festival, JSC "Russian Helicopters". During the performance the helicopter landed unexpectedly right in the center of the drift-field.

Organisers let the audience visit racing paddock so it was always buzzing there. Drivers were revealing secrets about their cars, showing how they work. The most courageous ones – approximately 100 people – went for a drift-taxi ride. Vladimir Sovetkin, the head of the JSC "Aviasalon", was one of them.

Large exhibition of the Russian SMP Racing program was another attractive feature of the Festival. Visitors enjoyed looks of the famous Ferrari 458, which won the 24-hour Le Mans marathon, BR01, the first Russian prototype for endurance races, and Dmitry Samorukov's 4500-strong Dodge Viper, the only Russian car for TOP Dragster. Its engine sound almost stole the show!

The driver of SMP Racing programme Nikita Troitsky, who is racing in Euroformula Open, was courage enough to go to the take-off against the supersonic fighter MiG-29.

"A huge number of spectators, the roar of cars and airplanes – it's just unforgettable! It's very cool that the SMP Racing program, which I am a part of, participates in such events, where the best Russian achievements are presented," said Nikita.

It was everyone's victory in the two-day competition of cars and airplanes. Both days ended with a score of 3:3.

Teams have already agreed on a rummage at MAKS-2019.

It's never going to be an easy task for organizers of the Festival to surprise the audience! This year 452,300 people came there. Maybe we can give a hint to the motor racing team that it's time to think about the real Formula 1 car, because it is still not fair fight with the supersonic fighter.

Gallery: Speed Festival as part of International Aviation and Space Show MAKS

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