Aviasalon Will Assist Independent Journalists in Covering MAKS

May 17, 2017

Zhukovsky, May 16. Aviasalon JSC, the official organizer of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017, creates conditions that will allow independent journalists (bloggers and active social network users) work at the exhibition.

Bloggers writing about aviation, astronautics and related topics in social networks and/or having messenger channels and moderating theme-based discussions can be accredited to MAKS-2017, which would enable them to cover events of MAKS along with professional journalists from accredited media. Accreditation allows visiting media events and working in the press center. Independent journalists will also be provided necessary news, help and illustrative materials that will help them create high-quality content.

“In terms of speed and scale of coverage, independent journalists are now competitive with traditional media”, says Vladimir Sovetkin, Deputy CEO of Aviasalon JSC. “In 2017, we will cooperate with bloggers on a new level. We will assist independent journalists in working on the ground and preparing publications, which will allow their readers and subscribers to get all the information about MAKS from publications of their favorite authors”, he added.

Accreditation terms are published on the official site of the Salon. Applications may be submitted from May 16.

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