Chinese aerobatic team will for the first time take part in MAKS 2013

April 26, 2013

On August 1, the aerobatic team of the Chinese Air Forces will for the first time take part in the flight program of MAKS 2013 XI International Aviation and Space Salon, announced Commander-In-Chief of the Russian Air Forces Viktor Bondarev at the meeting of the Organizing Committee.

Chinese aviators will perform at Chengdu J-10 multi-role fighters. Six machines equipped with AL-31FN Russian engines will take part in the show.

V. Bondarev underlined that the newest Chinese fighters had virtually not been demonstrated to the public earlier. Meanwhile, in the long view, they will become the most common combat plane of the Chinese Air Forces.

Four aeronautic teams of the Russian Air Forces will also perform at the aviation salon: Swifts, Russian Knights, Sokoly Rossii and Berkuty. Besides, the aeronautic team of the Russian Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet and a team of sportsmen – winners of aerial aerobatics world championships Pervy Polet will take part in demonstration flights. As for foreign teams, Latvian Baltic Bees has confirmed its participation.

The meeting of the organizing committee reported that on August 27-29, during the business program, performances of aerobatic teams will be given in a short form. From August 30 to September 1, days allocated for broad public’s visit, the summer program will last till 05-06 p.m.

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