Greetings to guests and participants

Dear friends,

I welcome you to the International Aviation and Space Salon — one of the main international events.

Today, the science city of Zhukovsky for the fifteenth time became the center of the latest achievements of the domestic and world aerospace industry . From year to year, MAKS causes great interest, the geography of its participants is expanding. And this is not surprising. After all, the Salon is a great opportunity for business communication, discussion of topical issues, exchange of ideas, conclusion of mutually beneficial contracts. The main thing is that the unique MAKS's exhibition area demonstrates the highest intellectual, scientific and technical potential of our country, the rich traditions of domestic aircraft construction.

The coronavirus infection has become a serious challenge for the economy and the aviation industry. Despite this, Russian manufacturers, with the support of the state, were able to turn the crisis into new opportunities. The companies successfully cope with a difficult situation, do not slow down the pace of development, conduct tests, prepare for the launch of a new generation of civil aircraft and helicopters to the market. A striking example of this will be the demonstration of the MS-21-310 airliner, the Il-112B light military transport aircraft, and the Il-114-300 regional turbo-propeller passenger aircraft at MAKS-2021. I am sure that the visitors will be particularly interested in the flight program, which will demonstrate the highest skill, coordination and beauty of the flights of the aerobatic teams of the Russian Air Force and guests from foreign countries.

Dear friends, The MAKS air Show allows you not only to see all the diversity of the modern aviation market, but also to understand the prospects of aircraft construction. We see them — in flexible "smart" productions, end-to-end digital solutions, the use of artificial intelligence, the widespread introduction of unmanned and robotic systems. Special attention should be paid to the training of highly qualified specialists.

I wish the participants and guests of the 15th International Aviation and Space Salon great success, fruitful meetings, contacts and a clear sky over our heads.

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Mikhail Mishustin

Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation

Mikhail Mishustin